. services


Below is a list of products and services I provide to individuals and businesses. I'm always open to new clients and projects. If you have something in mind, feel free to pass it by me at tracyvart@yahoo.com.

. Illustrations
Custom Merchandise - see below listing under products.
Hand Lettered Typography
Recycling Workshops 
Craft Workshops
Spot Illustrations for magazines, non profit publications, children's publications, brochures, business correspondence, etc.
Daycare, Preschool, Headstart Classroom Products - pillows, custom table covers, custom bookcase covers, plush dolls, handmade notebooks, handmade coloring books, etc.
School Murals 
Face Painting

 - (single + multiple workshops for your desired number of days, times, weeks)
Creative Recycling Workshops
Organic Body Products Workshop
Recycled Journal Making Workshop
Jewelry Making Workshop
Winter Accessories Workshop (hats, scarves, mittens, adults + kids)
Bag Making Workshop
Plush Doll Making Workshop
Home Accessories Workshop
Holiday Crafts Workshop

   1.  art prints
   2.  custom t-shirts
   3.  magnets
   4.  tote bags
   5.  greeting cards 
   6.  notebooks
   7.  children's products
plush dolls
hand drawn alphabet letters
hand drawn typography
 11.  storage sacks
drawstring bags
home decor products
 14.  blankets
custom coloring books
 17.  custom table/bookcase covers (children's organizations)

If you don't see a product or service on the list, or if you want to commission an item, feel free to contact me at tracyvart@yahoo.com

I'd be happy to provide references upon request.